Loan refinancing: it is possible! | Consolidation of Loans

Buying your washing machine or new bank on installment from Camploan seemed like a solution at that time: receive the purchase immediately and only pay back in installments afterwards. At that time you did not realize that with an interest of 14% you pay the top prize every month. see for further notes

How do you get rid of this expensive credit?

money with card

You can transfer your expensive current Find Loan free of charge to a personal loan or revolving credit. Most consumers opt for conversion to a personal loan in view of the historically low interest rate that is attached to this loan form.

Credit card and redstand transfer

Are you not only stuck with Find Loan’s expensive installment, but do you also have a Visa credit card or a red balance in your account? We can combine everything for you into one affordable and well-arranged loan. You then have an overview because you no longer have small loans or credits everywhere and nowhere. You can repay at any time during the term on both a personal loan and a revolving credit. There is no limit to that; you can even repay the loan completely free of charge.

Conditions for transfer


We cannot transfer your Find Loan in all situations. You must have sufficient income and financial capacity and meet our acceptance conditions. Make a calculation via our loan guide so that you get an idea of ​​the possibilities for you. Of course you can also directly request a free quote. That is free of charge. You will then receive an overview with a customized proposal from our partner banks.

GFR is solution-oriented, creative and very efficient. He has a suitable solution for every issue. Are you looking for financing for a recreation home, a car, boat, caravan or the renovation of your owner-occupied home? GFR thinks along with you. He ensures a fast and error-free settlement and payment of your loan.

Realization of the returned contracts, completing, checking and forwarding the complete credit files to the banks.

“I personally guarantee that you can dispose of your money quickly and safely.”

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